Nom de plume

“What's your name,' Coraline asked the cat. 'Look, I'm Coraline. Okay?' 'Cats don't have names,' it said. 'No?' said Coraline. 'No,' said the cat. 'Now you people have names. That's because you don't know who you are. We know who we are, so we don't need names.” -Neil Gaiman I’ve been thinking about the words … Continue reading Nom de plume

Brain alchemy

Paris Street Café, George W. Bates (1930) If I could zip to any place and time, it would be Paris in the early to mid-1900’s. I would love to be a ladybug on the wall (you didn’t expect me to wish fly-dom on myself, did you?) of a Saturday night Rue de Fleurus salon, hosted … Continue reading Brain alchemy