La femelle

“Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it.” ― Richard Feynman Disclaimer:  This is going to be another of those posts that may send some of you running for the hills.  It's not going to be lovely and eloquent, but hopefully a bit enlightening. Welcome … Continue reading La femelle

Chapter 35

Memories that mix and mingle In the library of my mind Are waiting for chapters Yet to be lived into existence Glimmering sensations gathered Welcomed to the fray Of my metamorphosing being I smile at the warmth of cinnamon Reminiscent of love yet to be But somehow always was Clinging to a hand as familiar … Continue reading Chapter 35


  Chill from the floor seeps through The soles of my bare feet Potentiating the numbing effect Of sheer Unalloyed Exhaustion Sound and light sharply infiltrate Unwelcome Echoing through my untenanted space As spectres that frighten thought into hiding Beneath ancient furniture Stiff and formal, heavy brocade Emotionless Draped in sheets that may as well … Continue reading Weary


Sometime in mid-winter, When the snow is grimy and deflated Tired, clinging halfheartedly to frigid mud And the light is sharp, glaring and angled Devoid of warmth, unsympathetic to the eye Subtle longing begins Images of wading, hip-deep Through green-gold fields that swish and shimmer Affronted grasshoppers, startled leaps on papery wings Sun-gilded leaves, and murmuring … Continue reading December