Summer skies are most idyllic when clad in puffs of gray…too oft-washed eiderdown and cotton flannel tinged with traces of navy socks and denim in the laundry.  But those are the days that are clean and breathable, rinsed with stream-scented galloping breezes.  Eyes unsquint in the gentler light of day, free of tiresome scorching glare.  … Continue reading Raft


Sometime in mid-winter, When the snow is grimy and deflated Tired, clinging halfheartedly to frigid mud And the light is sharp, glaring and angled Devoid of warmth, unsympathetic to the eye Subtle longing begins Images of wading, hip-deep Through green-gold fields that swish and shimmer Affronted grasshoppers, startled leaps on papery wings Sun-gilded leaves, and murmuring … Continue reading December